My core fitness training approach

Your core is made up of four main muscle groups designed to stabilise and protect your spine. It’s the powerhouse of your body and lets your arms, legs and back move and contract smoothly. When in shape, your core will transform your fitness and your achievements  – whether you’re a pleasure walker or a competing athlete.

Being fit from the core helps relieve back pain and stiffness; keeps you injury-free as your alignment, stability and posture improve;
and restores your strength, agility and shape after illness, periods without exercising or pregnancy. Strong core muscles give your body the long lean look of a dancer.

With me, building your core fitness isn’t about pumping iron and bench presses. It’s about increasing your awareness of your body, using breath and balance to hold deep, intense poses which let you locate, engage and develop those muscles.

Core-Clinic will help you realise your physical self, starting from within….from the core of you.                                 find out more...                                                                         contact me